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Judul:The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Full Movie ✪ New Hollywood Movies 2016 ✪ Walt Disney Movies Full Length
Durasi:84 mnt 42 dtk
Dipublikasikan:14 April 2017
Di Upload Oleh:Richard S. Cline

Jordan Sands (Victoria Justice) is an awkward and nerdy 17-year-old girl with a bad case of allergies, whom just became the woman of the house after the recent death of her mother. Her father David (Matt Winston) is struggling to make ends meet, while her 14-year-old brother Hunter (Chase Ellison) drives the family crazy with gory pranks. They then inherit their deceased mother's Great-Uncle Dragomir's castle in Wolfsberg, Romania after getting a package in the mail. After arriving in Wolfsberg they meet the strange and steely housekeeper of the castle, Madame Varcolac (Brooke Shields).

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