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10 minutes of just D.O. These videos are just for fun, videos include silly, funny and cute moments.

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Intro&outro song: EXO - dancing kin
Videos shown in order:
1. MAMA rehearsal at music bank - d.o falls on stage
2. 150617 EXO Baskin Robbins - D.O falls while holding ice cream
3. 150419 Exo Japan fanmeet Event D3 - d.o checks out Chen's hot pink underwear
4. Exo at china love big concert - lay and sehun were playing Pepero game and d.o was enjoying the show lol
5. Exo showtime EP 9 - D.O raps
6. Exo on Hubei TV Sunshine Art - D.O choking MC by putting him in a head lock
7. Exo on happy camp - D.O choking chanyeol by putting him in a head lock
8. The EXO'rDIUM in Seoul - D.O forgets to give chanyeol the mic
9. EXO At Gaon Chart Kpop Awards 2017- D.O's necklace gets stuck on his mic
10. Exo Japan fanmeeting - D.O eats wasabi
11. Exo 90:2014 - D.O flirting
12. Exo on AbemaTV - D.O voted the manliest member
13. Video by EXO EARSEYES - D.O's mic stopped working/broke
14. Lotto 2nd win - chanyeol carries d.o bridal style then throws him in the air
15. Exo on Simsimtapa radio - D.O's sexy dance
16. EXO fan festival - D.O making animal sounds
17. D.O on running man - D.O doing aegyo
18. Exo on weekly idol - D.O doing aegyo
19. Chanyeol, D.O and Sehun - d.o is the shortest
20. EXO Second Box DVD - D.O can't get up from the water
21. The EXO’luXion in Seoul - D.O freestyle dancing
22. EXO Second Box DVD - D.O lost his balance and fell in the water
23. Mama inkigayo interview - D.O forgot what to say
24. Exo on the strongest group - chanyeol and D.O go head to head to see who shakes the post-it notes off
25. The EXO'luXion Chicago - D.O tell suho he's not funny
26. Exo on kiss the radio - D.O puts Baekhyun in a headlock
27. Exo at MMA 2016 - D.O doing TT dance
28. The EXO'luXion - D.O squirting water at kai
29. D.O on entertainment weekly - D.O is savage
30. Exo on knowing brothers (taken from preview) - D.O's funny voice
31. The EXO'rDIUM - D.O's mini hands and foot
32. EXO'rDIUM in SINGAPORE - D.O's voice cracked
33. Chen and D.O on Kpop planet radio - D.O speaks in a ladies voice
34. EXO'luXion in NewYork - Baekhyun sings let it go and D.O says "go away Anna"
35. 'Sing for you' comeback showcase - D.O's confusing expressions

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