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Judul:Trick : How To Increase CP on Loong Craft (Android Game)
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Hi, New Update Video Android Game on Priyadi Gameplay

Loong Craft is a mmorpg game based on China Three Kingdoms background. you build your city, rise your heroes, train your troops, join the alliance and challenge players around the world. Loong Craft is set on the background of the three kingdoms. In such an era of heroes, you will travel through the real stories of the three kingdoms and start your own legend from a unknown soldier to a famous general.

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How To Increase CP on Loong Craft ??


Please follow the steps to raise CP on Loong Craft according to me :

1. Do not Focus To Raise Level Unless You Use VIP
2. Routine to plant refine fruit and boost fruit every day
3. Gear up your equip try its level equal to the level of your character and to boost relic not be too eager because the risks without using charm make your relic boost declining ratings
4. Refine equip you 3x at once and try your luck does get the most good stat for your character
5. Socket gems that important ! but you should be able to not be wasteful free diamond that you get in the game , do not overuse your free diamond to revive place after killed by other state

Last are tips for you so as not to raise the level of your character in order to focus on raising CP Loong Craft :

Do not complete the quest to get a lot of experience !!
do like this every day :
1. Complete all dungeon ordeal
2. Complete the maximum you reach the top floor sky pagoda in the dungeon , and the next day you just sweep .
3. Complete the dungeon treasury
4. Complete Mission Dragon Cauldron , Intelligence , and the War Supplies. Then Arena just to test the strength of your cp
5. Join STATE WAR to gain merit or be silent in your state border wait and kill another state passing

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